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Our Services

Our passion is in understanding how organizations can leverage technology and data to drive their business. 


Why Partner with TJB Consulting for your professional billing?

Our expertise allows you to get paid faster and generate more revenue. Through proven workflows, detailed performance reporting and consistent monitoring, our specialists are able to drive measurable financial improvement and pursue every dollar while your staff dedicates less time to billing activities. 


We offer specialized expertise to help medical practices maximize their revenue and streamline their billing activities. Our team of specialists uses proven workflows, performance reporting, and monitoring to drive measurable financial improvements, enabling practices to get paid faster and generate more revenue.

We recognize that the traditional approach to outsourcing revenue cycle management (RCM) isn't working. Many healthcare organizations report dissatisfaction with their RCM vendors, and outsourcing firms are falling short. At TJB, we take a different approach to professional billing, one that sets us apart from other billing companies. We believe in becoming an advocate for your practice, partnering with you to become part of your care team. Our PPP approach prioritizes what's important to you - your patients, providers, and the process.

Our team collaborates with your in-house billing team or works independently to manage the entire revenue cycle process from claim creation through payment posting. By working with TJB's billing team, your staff can focus on positive patient outcomes, leaving the confidential patient financial conversations outside of the office setting. This approach enables practices to achieve optimal financial health and positive patient experiences.

An Advocate for Private Practices 

After years of watching practices struggle to implement, rework, optimize, report out of, and any other demands that were requested of them to run their practices successfully, I started TJB Consulting.  Being independent, no longer under the bureaucratic policies and red tape to work with practices internal and external stakeholders allowed me to strategize, plan, deploy, optimize, and support practices health information systems with all system integration opportunities that were in the best interest of the practice needs.  I believe physician practices need a solid support model in place for staff and doctors and patients to be successful.  With real practice experience, a solid understanding of software life-cycle management is an advantage that helps regulate practices and vendors work strategically and seamlessly together.

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