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About TRicia J. BRisbois
FOunder & CEO

The Full Story

Physicians needed an advocate

I realized this early into my career and now, after nearly 20 years in the EMR industry, that belief continues to endure.

As my professional journey progressed, I began to see the emotional and physical toll that new technology had on physicians and as a result, the impact it had on their business, staff, patient care - even safety. With the welfare of this community in mind, I started TJB Consulting in 2010 with the aim to be just that—an advocate for physicians. 

Our goal is to assist practices IPA's and PHO's in navigating the EHR & Billing landscapes, and provide physicians and practice leaders with EMR, Billing, operations and IT Support to run successful Healthy Practices.


​TJB collectively works with practices internal and external stakeholders to strategize, plan, deploy, optimize, and support practices health information systems with all system integration opportunities to meet the needs of practices. Our services range from electronic health records (EHR) implementations, digital transformation, conversion and migration readiness, health information technology, health information exchange, EHR|PM|HIE Configurations, data and quality integrations and needs (MSSP, AQC, Medicaid ACO's, ACO), Process map & gap analysis, use case development, workflow optimization, EHR optimization, technology alignment, HL7 interfaces (device, ADT, SIU, DFT, lab, rad), integration, MIPS APM Optimization, IT projects, audit preparation and strong EHR/IT vendor management and provide robust end-to-end project management.

Additional services include but are not limited to: contract negotiations, strategic planning, transition planning EHR to EHR. Our clients include Lowell General Hospital PHO; Boston Children's PPOC; Lawrence General Hospital and other large to medium PCP and Specialist Practices. TJB Consulting has real practice experience, as well as a solid understanding of software life-cycle management that helps your practice and vendors work together strategically and seamlessly.

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