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A/R Recovery Services

At TJB Consulting we offer comprehensive A/R recovery services to help healthcare providers increase their revenue and improve their financial health. Our services include:

  • Claim Follow-Up: We follow up on outstanding claims to insurance companies and investigate the reasons for denial or underpayment. We work to resolve any issues preventing the claim from being paid, and we keep healthcare providers updated on the status of their claims.

  • Appeals: We appeal denied claims on behalf of healthcare providers, reviewing the insurance company's decision and providing additional information or documentation to support the claim.

  • Patient Billing and Collections: We handle patient billing and collections for healthcare providers, sending invoices and statements to patients, following up on overdue payments, and managing collections for unpaid balances.

  • Denial Management: We analyze denied claims to identify common patterns or issues, and we work with healthcare providers to address these issues and improve the chances of future claims being paid.

By partnering with our medical billing company for A/R recovery services, healthcare providers can focus on providing excellent patient care while we handle the complex and time-consuming task of managing claims and collections. Contact us today to learn more about how our A/R recovery services can benefit your practice.

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