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  • Why Partner with TJB Consulting for your professional billing?
    Our services go beyond just processing billing claims. We identify gaps and provide solutions to ensure the financial well-being of your practice. Our exceptional and experienced professional billing team are ready to support your practice’s billing needs. Our approach to professional billing makes us stand out when compared to other billing companies. We are an advocate for your practice becoming part of your care team. We take the PPP approach to supporting your practice, always focusing on what is important to you -- patients, providers, and the process. Partnering with TJB to support your billing activities instead of doing it in-house makes good business sense. We work with your in-house billing team to manage the entire revenue cycle process from claim creation through payment posting. Working with TJB’s billing team allows your staff to focus on positive patient outcomes leaving the confidential patient financial conversations outside of your office setting. We use your EMR system to process your billing and our expertise in processing claims allows you to get paid faster. We also supplement your staffing, so you do not have to hire a full-time medical biller.
  • What are the fees for your services?
    TJB provides our services on a percentage of the revenues collected, we share the same goal -- to obtain full reimbursement for services provided. We do not get paid unless you get paid. Every practice is unique, we offer individualized billing support models to fit your needs.
  • How can I improve my cash flow?
    Maintaining a steady cash flow for your medical practice depends upon timely payments from insurance companies. We transmit claims electronically to all insurance companies that accept claims electronically, which means you receive payments quickly.
  • How fast do you submit a claim?
    We provide 48 business hours turnaround from provider sign off to claims submission.
  • Do you process EOB’s electronically?
    Yes, TJB can process EOB’s electronically, which is referred to as ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) through your clearinghouse. This helps reduce payment posting errors.
  • Do you provide coding support?
    As a client of TJB Consulting, you are supported by certified coders who can provide CPT and diagnosis coding support based on individual needs.
  • How are payments received?
    We recommend setting up payers with EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments. The EFT will go directly into your bank account and the corresponding ERA with the EOB information will be available through your clearinghouse. Some payers do not offer EFT payments and these checks will come in the mail to your office. The checks and EOB’s that get mailed to your office will need to be scanned into your EMR system and provided to TJB for posting.
  • What billing systems do you use for billing?
    TJB can use any practice management system that you currently have, if we have connection and system access rights. Accuracy, timeliness, and transparency is our mutual priority. TJB’s approach compliments your business & financial goals.
  • Will you bill patients and can they contact you directly?
    Yes, patient statements will be generated on a regular basis to inform the patients of activity on their accounts. Should it be necessary, we will contact the patients regarding any delinquent balances. We will work closely with your office ensuring accounts are handled in a manner that meets with your approval. Yes, patients can contact us directly for any billing issues.
  • Where do we begin?
    Quality healthcare is based on accurate and complete clinical documents in the medical record. TJB conducts a thorough review of your coding and documentation to determine any areas which need improvement. When medical billing and coding is accurate, revenues increase, and practices ensure the quality and optimization of healthcare services.
  • What is a billing audit and why perform one?
    At TJB we provide coding and audit services to help practices mitigate risk. Billing and Coding audits are conducted for all new clients. Follow up audits are then maintained for education, revenue enhancement, and compliance purposes. Billing audits review coding accuracy, policies, and procedures to ensure you are running an efficient and liability-free practice. There are many reasons to perform billing audits: · To determine incorrect coding and to stop the use of outdated codes for procedures, before payers find them in their claims software and request an internal audit be done · To protect against fraudulent claims and billing activity · To reveal inappropriate coding, insufficient documentation, and lost revenue · To help prevent recovery audit contractors from investigating your practice · To remedy under coding and code overuse and to bill appropriately for documented procedures. · To identify reimbursement deficiencies and opportunities for appropriate reimbursement · To verify ICD-10 and EHR meaningful use readiness
  • I want to work with TJB, what is the next step?
    Contact us to schedule an introductory call or visit to discuss our services and how we can assist you in enhancing the financial health of your practice.
  • Why partner with TJB Consulting for your EMR support?
    Supporting technology for a medical practice often involves multi-step processes. It is helpful for a practice to partner with a knowledgeable resource who understands your EMR system. Our EMR professional services team helps practices like yours thrive and keep up with the changing environment of EMR software by offering various solutions for compliance and optimization. The TJB team works collaboratively with you in protecting the time and money you have invested in your EMR. We help you manage your clinical software and other processes that help providers and staff manage your patient’s needs. We partner with you to improve patient safety, healthcare delivery, and communication between healthcare providers, patients, and hospital affiliations. Our shared goal is to utilize technology to lead your organization to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of health care services. We are available to help you understand and manage your technology.
  • What professional services does TJB support?
    TJB Consulting offers real solutions to real problems. We work with your team to identify practice pain points and implement technology solutions to keep your practice healthy. We offer a range of solutions tailored to help you with your EMR needs so you can focus on growing your medical practice. We will work with your practice to create personalized projects and training plans. This can be done in the office setting and with remote support sessions. Below is a sampling of our EMR professional services: · Workflow analysis o Front office o Back office o Provider and medical staff · EMR support o Application upgrade assistance o Training solutions personalized to your practice · Optimization – solutions customized to your workflow o Pre-implementation project planning and go-live support o Patient Portal o PM systems o Leveraging your EMR system so you can benefit from telehealth and payment services such as online bill pay and optimization of electronic technologies. · Data Migration o EMR installation, implementation, and data migration planning and support o Cloud services and data archiving · Go-live support – personalized to fit practice needs o On-site and remote EMR assistance o On-site and remote training opportunities · Help Desk o Q & A support and how to advice · Meaningful use and Incentive programs support
  • What is a Managed Services Approach?
    Some businesses need a lot of help with their technology, and some only need assistance every once in a while. Many practices have someone in their organization who helps with EMR in the office setting. We work with your in-house team to support your goals or you can contract with us, giving you a complete range of services that will improve operations and reduce expenditure through the reduction of directly employed staff. Whichever option you choose, TJB can tailor a support program that meets the individualized needs of your practice.
  • What is a Managed Services Agreement?
    A managed services agreement outlines both parties’ responsibilities, including what services will be provided and response times. Having a managed services agreement gives you access to TJB’s EMR Professional Services Team to assist you in managing your EMR. Highlights are: · A focused and productive team · Get ahead of issues before they get out of hand · Access to support services without overhead costs · Continuity and institutional knowledge of your operations · Managed service desk- 24x 7 help desk support for your practice · Predictable cost - simple / monthly pricing · Dedicated EMR specialist · Guidance and support for your practice
  • Hardware sales and support
    TJB has developed partnerships with hardware distributors and IT support personnel enabling you to have immediate access to IT support from pre-planning and continued support. · Engage with vendors to assist with necessary equipment/tools within your practice ( IT back up, network cabling design and installation)
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